Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meet the Bass Pro Fishing Club

That's right...the Bass Pro Fishing Club, Grandpa and Andrew. Plain and simple, these guys just like fish. Club activities include:
  • visiting the local Bass Pro Shop,
  • reading and chatting about fish,
  • drawing fish,
  • looking at fish in their aquariums and buying new ones,
  • visiting the local aquarium,
  • discussing tackle and bait (especially yums and night crawlers), and 
  • fishing, be it in saltwater or freshwater.
So far, the duo has "tackled" the Delaware Bay, a saltwater creek, some Ohio streams and a river, and some local ponds and lakes. These two even have uniforms. Check out these recent club photos!

Club members Andrew Phillip, President; and Phillip John, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, contemplate their next catch.

Here's the club on an outing last year, doing what they like to do most but not always best. Boy, was it hot out there.

This time the sole catch was an American eel, but what a beauty it was!

Here's Andrew at Cape Henelopen Fishing Pier, Delaware.

What's this? Could it be?

Success at last!

Stayed tuned for more club news.


  1. I love the fish at the top! What's up with the red one. Not as hungry as his peers?

  2. I moved them downstream. They have a new home now.


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