Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bye-bye Christmas

I just needed an excuse to post some more photos before I packed away decorations (sniff! sniff!), which probably won't happen till next weekend because I do not feel well. Here are a few photos from the dining room.

What's this? How did that cow from Chik-Fil-A get in there? He's not even from the creche we have!

Here's our wee little tree. Glory to God in the highest from the smallest but sweetest tree in the house.

This is the creche is our foyer.

Here are some photos from our den, and the first one shows the hearth where we left the cookies and milk for Santa.

In this photo, you can see Andrew's Advent calendar.

Here is the angel sitting atop of our only real tree. The tree we got this year wasn't the best, but it was still really pretty. We put many of Andrew's ornaments on it, some vintage ornaments (of course), and lots of tinsel!

Well, that's it for holidays. Have a joyous Happy New Year in 2010. If you don't have a job, may you land one that makes you happy and more than pays your bills. If you can't sell that house, may you sell it this year. If you have not been able to have that baby you've been dreaming of, may your dreams finally come true. If you have ailing health, may it be fully restored. If you're struggling with loneliness, homelessness, addiction, mental illness, and/or discrimination, may you find peace and friends, and may all of your needs be met.

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